Premier Dog Training

"Dog's Best Friend helped us train our rescue Belgian Malinois that came from an abusive background.  Their methods are gentle, humane, and effective.  They are incredible dog trainers.  Unlike other facilities, they have many methods and don't teach 10 dogs the same thing at once in a 'one size fits all' session.  They do guarantee their training methods.  Our dog went from cowering to jumping through hula hoops and climbing ladders to extremely impressive obedience."

Michelle & Sean Hanley
(As appears on Angie's List)

"Dog's Best Friend is absolutely amazing.  Before choosing this program, we sat in on other classes (all the big names in SE WI).  Dog's Best Friend was hands down the best trainers and their program was the most thorough and in depth.  They taught us how to train our dog and had us practice in class with other dogs around.  They mix the classes so you get to see advanced dogs along with puppies.  They let you see what your dog can become and where you came from.  Because of that we got to see them in action in every type of situation from aggressive dogs, to overly friendly, to lazy.  Their honest, straightforward, real-world advise and knowledge is unsurpassed.  Not only that, but they have a way with dogs that I've never seen before (and I've been around animals my whole life).  They have several programs to choose from.  I can't say enough good things about them and their skills."

Tammy Linstedt
(As appears on Angie's List)