Premier Dog Training
A True Story
January 4th, 2005 a police officer named David Flory brings his 2 1/2 year old, 175 lb. St. Bernard, Tank, and his 3 month old Great Dane, Ava, in for training.  Dave informs me that he has read my website and found it quite unbelievable where it boasts that I can train a dog within 20 minutes to sit still while toy sponge balls are bouncing off of its head.  In fact, he told me that if it were not for the fact that he was referred to me by another police officer, Sean Hanley, he would not have even bothered to call me.  My claim was too unreal.  
"Time me."  I said.
"What?" He asked.
I said.  "Look at your watch and time me."
He did.
I informed him that I was going to take my time; which I did.
When the 6th ball bounced off of his gangly Great Dane puppy without it flinching, I asked him to tell me how long it took.
He replied.  "One minute and 25 seconds."
To this I responded, "Now just think if I would have written that in the website."

Dog training is not difficult nor is it meant to be difficult.  If you know how to do it, it is easy, gentle, fun, and rewarding.  Dog training is not a secret.  It is a science based off of "Canine Sociology."  It is perfect, true, and fool proof.  Our job is to share the 10,000 plus dog study and knowledge that we have gained over the past three decades with our customers so that they too can understand what makes the dog whisperer the dog whisperer.  It is not psychic or mystical.  It is science.  Proven science that ALWAYS works and cannot be refuted.  A science that makes the ownership of a dog and the life of that dog more rewarding and enjoyable.

Let us teach you.  Give us one minute and 25 seconds and you too will understand.